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Need an easy way to customize your smartphone?

Droid Manager is perfect for novice users and experts alike.

You don't need to have great technical experience to use Droid Manager.

Whether you want to drop a file onto your phone, share your files with friends, install apps, speed up your phone, or even update your system - Droid Manager has a complete solution for you.


A fully featured well designed app.

You have complete control over the content of your phone, offering you an advanced file browser so you can finish the job in no time.

You can manage your apps, edit android build settings, add scripts to improve your phone's performance and much more.


Pricing Made Easy

Best prices in town

Basic Control Features
Baisc file sharing features
Basic online support
No multi-device support
No Support for Wifi mode
$ 2.99
Advanced control features
Advanced file sharing
24/7 online support
Includes support for multi-devices
Includes Wifi support

Includes all the tools that serves your needs


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The right tool for rooted Android smartphones!
Combining many tools, which greatly simplifies the work and reducing time needed to get the job done.
The fact that you can do so much even before actually starting the application is completely bewildering! Bringing an impressive set of utilities to the workbench.

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